Find your alignment with hypnosis and brief therapies

Repair and deep connection to oneself

Rediscover your full potential, surpass yourself and achieve your goals, free yourself from your past and fears to realize your dreams. Hypnosis is a way to feel fully alive and reclaim parts of yourself.

Our approachto hypnosis & brief therapy

Hypnosis and brief therapies are transformative tools that work in depth on limitations, fears, blocking behaviors and stuckness from the past. We illuminate and nourish your resources, while repairing barriers. Each session is a step towards liberation, the realization of your goals and the joy of being alive.

Self-confidence, stress & anxiety

Hypnosis is highly effective for relaxing and relieving the root causes of stress and anxiety.

Hypno coaching

Using hypnosis in coaching accelerates the process of change and makes it more sustainable.

Couples and relationships

Hypnosis can help with bonding, mourning, separation and communication, by working on each person’s inner resources and empathy.


Hypnosis is highly effective in calming sleep, conditioning the brain to create new positive anchors around bedtime and giving it the resources for restorative sleep.

Hypno constellations

Some of the present suffering is inherited from past generations. Through hypnosis, we release the unconscious linked to the clan. This may concern repetitive behaviors or physical symptoms such as endometriosis or unexplained pain.

Birth preparation

Hypnosis helps you to stay calm, prepare to welcome the child with confidence and transcend the pain.


A few hypnosis sessions are all it takes to overcome fears and barriers so you can realize your potential.


Thanks to hypnosis, we can deeply restore your self-image and self-confidence, and shed light on your beauty and sources of pride.

Smoking cessation & weight loss

A few hypnosis sessions are all it takes to stop smoking and girdle the stomach.


Hypnosis helps with concentration, organization and motivation for effective work. It’s mental preparation, like sports preparation.

Other therapies

Hypnosis also works for bruxism, mental grooming, eating disorders, anxiety disorders and pain relief.

Steps in hypnotherapy


Setting objectives

During our first interview, the longest of the coaching process, we determine the objectives and highlight the barriers to establishing the coaching plan.



Each session will focus on solving a specific problem in order to achieve the objectives. Each session is prepared in advance, and adapted to the needs of the day. Over the course of the sessions, all limitations are addressed, and progress can be observed throughout the client’s daily life.

Between sessions, I draw up a hypnotherapy plan of 3 to 5 sessions per objective. Sessions last about 1 hour and are followed by a prescription of tasks from one session to the next, to enable you to enter the change process more quickly and realize your dreams as soon as possible.


Action plan

Between each session, tasks are given systematically, either to anchor the change or to prepare for the next big topic.

This enables us to go deeper and faster in the positive evolution of each individual.


Enjoy your success

Take advantage of this fresh start to go further, adjust anything that doesn’t suit you, and set up happy, long-lasting routines for long-term well-being and success.

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