Systemic – Understanding the big picture

In a world where information pours in from all sides and issues are often complex, the ability to understand a situation as a whole is of crucial importance. Simply piecing together fragments of information isn’t always enough to grasp the complexity of a situation. That’s why the ability to step back, connect the dots and see the situation in its overall context has become an essential skill. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of this holistic approach and provide tips for developing this skill of global understanding.

1 – The Benefits of Global Understanding

A Clear Image

Understanding the situation as a whole provides a clearer, more accurate picture of reality. Rather than being overwhelmed by isolated details, this perspective offers an overview that reveals the links and interactions between elements. This allows us to better grasp the dynamics at play and make informed decisions.

Informed Decision Making

A holistic understanding aids informed decision-making. By analyzing the various aspects and weighing up the consequences on a large scale, it becomes easier to assess the advantages and disadvantages of a given action. Decisions based on a holistic view tend to be more sustainable and anticipate long-term impacts.

2 – Developing Global Understanding

Information synthesis

The first step in understanding a situation as a whole is to gather relevant information. This may involve research, reading, discussion and gathering various opinions. Then it’s a matter of synthesizing this information by identifying trends, recurring patterns and key elements.

Context search

Understanding the big picture also requires researching the context. What are the historical, cultural, economic and social influences shaping this situation? Context provides essential clues for interpreting current events and predicting future developments.

3 – Applying Global Understanding

Evaluating Interconnections

One of the most powerful aspects of global understanding is the ability to assess interconnections. How do the various elements of the situation influence each other? Identifying these relationships makes it easier to anticipate the repercussions of an action and adjust strategies accordingly.

Anticipating Consequences

A global perspective helps to anticipate long-term consequences. Rather than focusing solely on immediate results, a holistic understanding takes into account medium- and long-term effects, thus avoiding impulsive decisions that could have undesirable repercussions.


Understanding a situation as a whole is a skill that transcends disciplines and is valuable in all aspects of life. It requires time, patience and an open mind to explore different perspectives. However, the benefits of this approach are considerable: clearer vision, informed decision-making and the ability to foresee future impacts. By developing the skill of global understanding, we become keen observers of the world around us, able to navigate complexity nimbly and act wisely.