Become a pitch master

Be one of those captivating, aligned entrepreneurs whose Pitch will leave a lasting impression.

Become anace pitchman

At fund-raising events, trade fairs or customer meetings, the Pitch is your business card. Sometimes, just a few words are enough to convince.

Strengthen your assertiveness

Nurture your confidence in yourself and your product to influence your audience with ease.

Be charismatic

Inspire your contacts, make them dream.

Develop your alignment

Your congruence and authenticity will touch your audience.

Manage your stress

You’ll be more efficient, more effective and more captivating.

Fine-tune your language

What is well conceived is clearly expressed”. The right words are an exceptional means of transmission.

The pitch coaching process


Setting objectives

During our first interview, we set the objectives and establish the coaching plan.



Each session will focus on solving a specific problem in order to achieve the objectives. Each session is prepared in advance, and adapted to the needs of the day. Over the course of the sessions, all limitations are addressed, and progress can be observed throughout the support provided in the client’s daily life.


Enjoy success

Convince and impress your customers and investors with an effective pitch.

They trust us