Growing together in the love and respect of a fulfilled couple

Couples coaching helps you keep your relationship alive and happy.

Our approachof couple coaching

Every challenge is an opportunity to deploy our capacity for love. Happy couples know how to communicate, empathize and understand each other’s love language with mutual respect. This holistic couple coaching enables you to :

Strengthen your relational intelligence

Turn your emotions into a strength, your intuition into a compass

Strengthen your relational intelligence

Develop your listening skills and empathy to cultivate nurturing relationships.

Putting affectivity and intimacy at the heart of the relationship

Daily involvement in preserving the emotional security of the home helps to keep intimacy and eroticism alive over the long term in the couple’s relationship.

Being on the same wavelength with your partner

Staying aligned over the long term requires a great deal of communication, freedom of expression and mutual warmth. This preserves team spirit and trust within the couple.

Keeping the spark in the relationship

Cultivate erotic intelligence and love intelligence for a vibrant, lively relationship.

Planning your family’s deployment

Asking the right questions and reaching agreement before conceiving a child, supporting the pregnant woman and then the new mother, helps to preserve the fluidity of the couple’s relationship. Preserving communication between the parents and supporting fatherhood guarantees a happy and fulfilled couple, confident enough to ride the waves of a child’s arrival.

Getting to know you,yourself and your partner

Being happy together – my coaching and programs aim to give keys to communication, create agreements, avoid conflicts and keep your love alive, vibrant and joyful.

Love & relationships

Develop your emotional intelligence, listening skills and empathy, to maintain a climate of mutual respect, trust and love.

Happy family

With the arrival of children, happy couples become a solid, respectful and supportive team. The home then remains a place of emotional security for all family members, enabling them to develop their full potential.

Plan your family

Asking the right questions before conceiving a child, preparing for its arrival and the associated upheavals, and supporting each other are the keys to a happy couple.

A powerful state of mind

Bouncing on the waves of life as a couple by developing a creative, open and fluid state of mind helps preserve a joyful and vibrant married life. It also means cultivating relationship, love and erotic intelligence.

Taking care of your relationshipstart now

Living happily as a couple over the long term is possible. It’s a daily commitment, a source of immense joy that nourishes both partners and the whole family. I’m passionate about accompanying couples at every stage of their relationship: commitment, conception, the arrival of a child, crisis, to ensure that their relationship remains vibrant and alive over the long term.

Image représentant une citation - Sarah Berdugo - Sydney

Thanks to Sarah, I’ve learned to listen to and understand myself better, and I’ve discovered lots of tools to help me achieve a better life balance.


Image représentant une citation - Sarah Berdugo - Sydney

I had the chance to meet Sarah several years ago and I can only highly recommend her.


Image représentant une citation - Sarah Berdugo - Sydney

Sarah is a very caring and attentive listener, and some of the exercises she suggests continue to support me in moments of doubt. I recommend her without hesitation !


Couples coaching process


Setting goals for the couple

I meet the couple together to discuss their objectives and highlight the first elements that would prevent them from achieving these objectives up to now.



We exchange ideas and use all the tools at my disposal to break down barriers and develop listening skills and empathy within the couple. The sessions are a mix of spontaneous, codified discussions and practical, physical exercises. It’s designed to bring out the authenticity and depth of the partners within a framework of emotional security.



Partners are often surprised by the power of listening and empathy. Emotional security allows partners’ vulnerability to emerge, creating a deep and lasting connection between them.


Action plan

Sessions can be interspersed with individual and group prescriptions to implement changes in daily life or prepare for the following topics.


Enjoy your success

Harvest the fruits you’ve sown during these sessions and enjoy an authentic, deep and erotic connection over the long haul. A happy couple is one that knows how to relate and cultivates erotic intelligence and love.

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