Create your ideal career and become the leader of your dreams

Are you looking for a new career direction? Feeling stuck in a job you don’t like? You can find your dream job and fulfill your life mission !


Professional reorientation

Are you looking to make a career change? I can help you find what motivates you and activate your talents.


Leadership coaching

Would you like to develop your charisma and leadership skills? I can help you bring out your resources and overcome your challenges to bring out your natural leadership and aura.


Pitch coaching

Vous levez des fonds ? Vous participez prochainement à un salon international ? Je prépare avec vous un pitch percutant et mémorable, et je vous accompagne pour une posture convaincante.

Academic success

Student coaching

Vous voulez optimiser votre capacité de travail, votre aisance à l’oral, vous souhaitez vous préparer à la première année de médecine, à la classe préparatoire, aux oraux des grandes écoles ? Cet accompagnement vous fera passer au niveau supérieur.

Our approachof business coaching

Coaching gives you a new and different perspective on situations. We nurture your resources, while overcoming obstacles. Each session is a step towards achieving your goals and deploying your projects.

Strengthen your emotional intelligence & assertiveness

Develop your self-confidence and become even more convincing. Turn your emotions into a strength, your intuition into a compass.

Strengthen your relational intelligence

Develop your listening skills and empathy to cultivate nurturing relationships.

Become a pitch master

Convince your investors, partners and customers.

Stress management

Control your stress and make conscious choices.

Develop a spirit of initiative and dare to be entrepreneurial

Together, we’ll think about your dream project and put it in place, in harmony with the other parts of your life, respecting your values, your schedule and your talents.

Optimize your productivity

Learn to focus, plan and stay motivated. For student coaching, learning how to learn can be decisive for the future.

Nurture your leadership posture

Free yourself from shackles and fears, so that you can dare to take the plunge, show yourself as you really are, and inspire and motivate others.

Strengthen your alignment

Take care of the different parts of yourself and your needs to create a life where you feel full, filled from the inside and in harmony with the environment.

The business coaching process


Setting objectives

During our first interview, we set the objectives and establish the coaching plan.



Each session will focus on solving a specific problem in order to achieve the objectives. Each session is prepared in advance, and adapted to the needs of the day. Over the course of the sessions, all limitations are addressed, and progress can be observed throughout the support provided in the client’s daily life.


Action plan

Between each session, tasks are given systematically, either to anchor the change or to prepare for the next big topic. This enables you to go deeper and faster in your positive evolution.


Enjoy success

Take advantage of this fresh start to go further, adjust anything that doesn’t suit you, and set up happy, long-lasting routines for long-term well-being and success.