In the quest to understand ourselves and others, the Enneagram reveals itself as a powerful tool. This age-old method of classifying personalities offers rich insights into the motivations, behaviors and thought patterns that shape our interactions and personal growth. In this article, we explore the Enneagram, revealing its nine personality types, its applications and its benefits for better self-knowledge and relationships.

1 – The Nine Personality Types of the Enneagram

The Observer

Type 1, also called “The Observer” or “The Perfectionist”, is characterized by their desire to constantly improve things and follow high standards. They are motivated by the need to be fair, moral and impeccable in everything they do.

The Advisor

Type 2, “The Counselor” or “The Helper”, is focused on the needs of others. They devote themselves to helping and supporting others, seeking to be loved and appreciated in return. Their greatest fear is rejection or not being needed.

The Performer

Type 3, “The Performer” or “The Struggler”, is focused on success and recognition. They are ambitious, motivated and dedicated to achieving their goals. They seek to be admired and respected, and may be afraid of failure.

2 – Applications of the Enneagram

Personal Development

The Enneagram offers a revealing mirror for self-exploration. By identifying our dominant personality type and understanding our underlying motivations, we can work on our weaknesses and cultivate our strengths for profound personal growth.

Interpersonal relationships

Understanding other people’s personality types through the Enneagram can improve our relationships. By identifying others’ motivations and behaviors, we can cultivate compassion, improve communication and reduce conflict.

3 – Advantages of the Enneagram


One of the main benefits of the Enneagram is heightened awareness. It pushes us to examine our thought patterns and reactions, enabling us to break out of automatisms and consciously choose our behaviors.

Chemining towards Evolution

The Enneagram is not just a static personality map, but a path to evolution. By working with our basic type, we can integrate the qualities of the other types to become more balanced, flexible and authentic.


The Enneagram offers a valuable panorama of the complexities of the human personality. By immersing ourselves in its nine personality types and exploring the deep motivations that drive them, we can access a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. Whether for personal growth or to improve our relationships, the Enneagram reveals itself as a valuable map for navigating the tumultuous waters of the human psyche.