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Florence H.

Sarah has accompanied me several times over the past 3-4 years in periods of life questioning. Following a burn-out, I needed to understand what had led me there and to work on myself: thanks to her, I learned to listen to and understand myself better, and I discovered a huge number of tools to help me achieve a better life balance. Over time, Sarah has become a trusted coach whom I know I can turn to when I need to unblock certain issues.

Three qualities I particularly like about Sarah:
- Her "sunny" personality: Sarah is smiling, caring, and exudes a positive energy and dynamism that makes you want to get moving. I generally come away from our exchanges feeling refreshed and calm, and I always feel listened to and trusted.
- Her "brief therapy" approach: unlike some other therapists, Sarah's idea is not to provide long coaching sessions, but to address specific issues in a structured way in a few sessions, and to pass on exercises and tools to her coachees so that they can be self-sufficient. 3-4 sessions can already bring real progress on certain subjects!
- Her knowledge of very different tools: Sarah doesn't hesitate to juggle different techniques (NLP, transactional analysis, CNV, hypnosis, EMDR...) depending on the problem and the preference of each individual. It's nice not to be "locked in" to one practice, and interesting to discover many different tools. Don't hesitate to tell her which ones work best for you, so she can best adapt to your situation.

In short, I would definitely recommend testing out a coaching session with Sarah, especially if you want to be proactive in your evolution and are looking for a dynamic, enthusiastic personality to accompany you in this work. Thank you Sarah!" Florence H.

Mayanne G.

At the start of an entrepreneurial adventure, we are often confronted with the famous pitch! How do you pitch your idea? How to be clear? How do you convince an audience? Sarah helped me a lot with this! A well-thought-out methodology, clear rules and concrete examples!

She succeeded in making the pitch a pleasure, rather than something to be endured!

Naïs D.

Biodanza sessions with Sarah are pure bliss. A parenthesis of well-being, living together (dancing together!) and benevolence. Ideal for letting go with lightness (even my boyfriend, not very fond of "personal development", is now convinced). THANK YOU SARAH!

Arnaud A.

Deputy Director of BNP Paribas C.Lab Americas (BNP Paribas Innovation & Sustainable Development Laboratory)

Sarah helped me prepare for a startup pitch competition when I was CEO of All Together. I loved her attention to detail, her energy, and her willingness to give me the best elements to convince and use emotions. She was a great help! I highly recommend her for making an effective pitch and feeling at ease on stage!

Sarah prepared me for a pitch competition when I was developing my startup All Together. I really appreciated her involvement, her attention, dynamism and alertness, her willingness to give me as many tools as possible to convince and use my emotions, all of which helped me a lot. I highly recommend her advice on how to make an effective pitch and strengthen your oral fluency.

Sébastien H.

Following an intervention by Sarah with a Promo Master II Commerce and Management class, I was able to observe Mademoiselle Berdugo's high quality of listening, professionalism, pedagogy and passion in transmitting knowledge and exchange! Her audience was delighted with both the content and the original, atypical form of teaching. Well done Sarah!

Julia B.

I shared with Sarah the experience of creating a business and followed her in her subsequent personal development projects via body expression in particular.

I was able to witness Sarah's extraordinary assets and skills. Sarah has a capacity for work, action and organization that enables her to carry out the various projects that drive her. Creative and proactive, she is able to work in complete autonomy and manage her actions from A to Z.

Besides these project management skills, Sarah is passionate about personal development and alternative, positive methods. Her courses are unique because they are inspired by a diversity of methods she has studied in her career, but also because Sarah doesn't "work", she does what drives her intimately and this gives her an exceptional ability to pass on.
I would recommend Sarah without hesitation!

Natanel P.

Full stack Developper

I've attended personal development and public speaking sessions with Sarah and really appreciated her advice and listening skills. Sarah really wants you to get in touch with yourself and bring out the best in yourself. Working with her has been a real pleasure with great progress to show for it. I recommend her!

Thomas T.

Senior software engineer in 3D card engine and artistic tools @ Peer Inc

As part of my work, I conducted several personal development sessions with Sarah.
I particularly appreciated her enthusiasm, dynamism and listening skills.

As I wasn't always receptive to the different exercises, Sarah was able to adapt her strategy to offer me other tools that suited me better.

Despite my initial skepticism, I now realize the progress I've made, the little extra and the gain in serenity it has brought me on a daily basis.

Thank you Sarah!

Juliette G.

I've had several sessions with Sarah, notably to help me make professional decisions, or to treat certain anxieties using hypnosis. I really appreciated her solution-oriented approach. For each subject, I only asked her for one session (as I didn't have the time for more) and this already enabled us to "unravel" the problem and draw an initial conclusion, concerning the choice to be made or the action to be taken. Sarah is a very caring and attentive listener, and some of the exercises she suggests continue to help me in moments of doubt. I recommend her without hesitation!

Thibault P.

I had the chance to meet Sarah several years ago and I can only highly recommend her. Thanks to her many skills (NLP, hypnosis and even CNV), Sarah was able to support me in a much broader and more ambitious framework than that for which I had initially contacted her and I am truly delighted and grateful. Beyond her professional skills, Sarah has rare human skills, which allow her to build a real relationship of trust.

Juliette H.

I highly recommend Biodanza with Sarah. Sarah is a very attentive person, with great human intelligence and a lot of resources. I admire her view of the world and of people, she is very inspiring and Biodanza with her is a very interesting approach, very grounded, intimate and generous, but above all pragmatic. It’s about getting in touch with yourself and others, but never in a “perched” way. There is a real framework of confidence and maturity that I appreciate and recommend.

Benjamin F.

Sarah is an excellent Coach, very attentive and with a myriad of tools at her disposal. She coached me during my business creation project, and completely gave me a boost! I highly recommend it!

Laure P.

Business Development Manager Water @Tractebel

I've been working with Sarah since 2020 as part of my professional coaching activities. Among other things, we have designed various Soft Skills training courses for Grandes Écoles programs and preparatory classes (Sciences Po, HEC, medicine).

I was particularly struck by Sarah's creativity, her ability to mobilize a variety of perfectly mastered tools in the service of learning and pedagogy (non-violent communication, coaching, theater, Biodanza, among others...). As a visionary, she has been able to propose, develop and bring to life innovative programs to deploy students' potential, mobilizing them on complex subjects while promoting their well-being and self-fulfillment. These Soft Skills courses have not only proven their strong impact on academic/professional results, but have also become students' favorite courses!

In practice, I've had the opportunity to co-facilitate interventions in a variety of formats with Sarah. Whether it's a small working group, a full amphitheater, or a video activity: Sarah captivates her audience, adapts to a variety of situations and issues, and is empathetic, caring and effective.

As a teammate, Sarah has made a huge contribution to all the teachers/coaches/professionals we've worked with. She has always been a good listener, flexible, and solution-oriented with a lot of optimism and pro-activity. In short, it was truly a pleasure to work with Sarah, and her future colleagues will be very lucky.

Taha M.

Mentalist, soft skills trainer

Sarah was a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of soft skills is solid and diverse, enabling her to adapt to many different audiences and teach in the most effective way possible. At Ipesup, where we worked together, Sarah was always in a good mood, and in a state of adaptability even on the most difficult days. Her skills, mood and willingness to give the best to her students make her an excellent colleague at every level.

Vincent G.

Vice President Continental Europe @ Konversational | CEO of Bravenn | Tech & BlueTech Investor

Sarah coached me to improve my speaking skills. In just a few hours, I made great strides in becoming a good public speaker. I still have progress to make, but Sarah definitely took me to another level! I'm very grateful to her. Thank you so much!

Meryl B.

Product Designer & Expert Webflow

I was coached by Sarah on two occasions, within the Founderbus event where I was working on a startup project and preparing a pitch for the LEWEB conference in Paris. I was very touched by Sarah's ability to listen and her creativity in giving us self-confidence, making us experience the concepts of the pitch in our bodies. I felt like a grown-up as a result of her sessions.

I also benefited from her advice for my startup "La Boite qui cartonne" where she really knew how to listen to my needs and highlight my assets. Since then, I feel much more comfortable speaking. I recommend her workshops, which have been extremely useful to me.

Shérazade S.

Founder & CEO of @ L'Orbe - The first vodka naturally infused with caviar @ Pernod Ricard

I met Sarah on the "Founderbus" project, a touring bus start WE organized with ESCP. I was lucky enough to count her on our organizing team. Sarah is a driving force, always full of energy and proposals, ready to lift mountains for the project. It was a real pleasure to work with her. She's a great communicator and knows how to motivate and coordinate teams around a project.
I've also seen her work with startups as a real coach, preparing them for pitch competitions. Clear, precise and creative, she knows how to find the right words and situations to enable each speaker to give their best. A good listener, she was able to boost the confidence of even the shyest speakers and encourage them to speak in public. I was really impressed with the results!

Later on, I called on Sarah to prepare my pitches for my startup Simone Lemon. I really appreciated her patience, her advice on managing stress, learning to breathe and using my emotions to convince. The different speaking techniques she passed on to me enabled me to express myself easily in front of investors during my fund-raising, during interviews with journalists or even live on TV or radio. I highly recommend his interventions.