Small jumps, Big steps towards oneself

Learning the heart by practicing the body

What is Biodanza ?

Biodanza is a form of bodily expression in a group and to music, which aims to liberate vitality, creativity, spontaneity and authenticity, and to encourage encounters with oneself, others and the world, through the PLEASURE of movement and dance to a variety of rhythms: Latin, jazz, classical, African, pop… It uses music and movement in the form of dance exercises, alone, in pairs or in a group.

Where does it come from?

Biodanza was created in the 60s by Rolando Toro Araneda in South America. A university professor of medical anthropology and psychologist, he developed Biodanza from research into the effects of music on movement and emotions.

How does a Biodanza session work?

The session consists of a series of exercises, most of them danced or performed to music, with instructions and a demonstration that are merely suggestions. Everyone does what they can, what’s right for them at the time. There’s no judgment. Everything is fine. It begins with a space for talking, then becomes non-verbal, to better feel one’s bodily sensations. No more words, but it’s possible to laugh, shout, sing, cry if need be! So that everyone can express themselves without restraint, it’s not possible to come as a mere spectator. We dance barefoot, in socks or ballet slippers. Soft clothing is recommended.

“What would happen if, instead of just building our lives, we had the folly or wisdom to dance them ?”

Roger Garaudy.