Climate fresco

The issue of climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, requiring collective action and global awareness. The Climate Fresco is an innovative approach that uses art and collaboration to educate and mobilize individuals around this crucial issue. In this article, we explore the Climate Fresco, its principles, techniques, and how it inspires action for environmental sustainability.

The Fundamental Principles of Climate Fresco

Art as an Educational Tool

The Climate Fresco uses visual art as a powerful educational tool. It allows participants to visualize and understand the complex concepts of climate change in an accessible and engaging way.

Collaboration and Idea Exchange

The Climate Fresco is a collaborative experience. Participants share knowledge, discuss issues and explore solutions together, fostering mutual learning.

The Climate Fresco Techniques

The Creation of a Fresco

The creation of a fresco is at the heart of this approach. Participants work collectively to paint a mural representing the various dimensions of climate change, from its causes to its consequences.

The Role Play

The Climate Fresco also uses role-playing to simulate future climate scenarios. This enables participants to understand the implications of climate change on communities and ecosystems.

The Impact of the Climate Fresco


The Climate Fresco raises participants’ awareness of climate issues. By visualizing data and discussing solutions, they gain a deeper understanding of the urgency of climate change.


The Climate Fresco mobilizes individuals to take action. It encourages participants to take concrete steps to reduce their carbon footprint and advocate for more robust climate policies.


The Climate Fresco is much more than an artistic activity. It’s a powerful means of educating, raising awareness and mobilizing individuals around climate change. It is a reminder that art can be a transformative tool for tackling complex global issues and encouraging collective action. At a time when protecting our planet is essential, the Climate Fresco invites us to paint a sustainable future, where awareness and action unite to make a difference.